Best 50 Cross Tattoos for Men

Types of Cross Tattoos for Men and their Meanings

Many tattoo designs tend to come and go. When choosing a tattoo design, it is important that you choose something that has a particular meaning for you. That way, you don’t end up regretting the tattoo in a few years and have it covered over with another design or removed altogether. One tattoo design that has been popular for many decades, and continues to grow in popularity is the cross. This is because cross tattoos can take on a variety of meanings, and they mean something different to every wearer. A cross symbol is a personal one, and if you get a cross tattoo you are likely to still love it many years from now.

Not Just a Christian Symbol

While many people think of the cross as a Christian symbol, it is often used to represent many different meanings. Obviously, religion is the first meaning that comes to mind. Sometimes, a cross is used within another larger design, and there may be multiple meanings within the design. Check out these cool cross tattoos for men, and their meanings.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

This is actually one of the most popular cross tattoo designs, and one of the oldest. The Celtic cross is actually a Pagan symbol, traditionally used in Ireland and Scotland. The design incorporates intricate designs with knots and loops. The knots represent the ties between spiritual and physical life, while the loops represent the circle of life. No matter what your faith is, this is a great design for cross tattoos for men.

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Tribal tattoos remain popular, and many designs incorporate tribal crosses. Traditionally, these tattoos were worn by members of tribes to represent their beliefs, the tribe itself, tribal life, etc. These tattoos are generally done in black ink, and the designs are often extremely detailed. Modern tribal cross tattoos often do include some colors, but if you want a traditional tribal tattoo, you will stick with solid black.

Gothic Cross Tattoos

A type of cross tattoo that is growing in popularity is the gothic cross tattoo. These are much like religious cross tattoos in appearance, but they have interesting additions, including dragons, barbed wire, and snakes. These tattoos often have dark meanings and aren’t associated with religion at all. In many cases, these tattoos represent a hardship in life, pain, anger, etc. Or, you may want one just because it looks really cool.

Cross with Wings Tattoos

Many people who choose a tattoo that has a cross with wings are making a statement. This is a design that is becoming more and more popular, and in many cases the meaning depends on the wearer. For instance, for one person, the wings may represent someone they love as an angel, and the cross is the religious aspect of the design. Or, they may be making a statement about their own personal religious freedom. Others may want this design if they have been in a near-death situation. This is a design that usually has a significant meaning, and is not just pretty artwork.

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