Best Bird Tattoos for Men

Best Bird Tattoos for Men :
Tattoos have been a part of countless cultures throughout our history. Over the last decade or so they have seen a vast increase in popularity among young and old alike. In most cases, a tattoo has some sort of meaning to a person, but some are done just to display art.

Bird tattoos have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Elegant design, beautiful lines and the variety of colors that can be used to create a unique piece of art. But outside of personal reasons for a bird tattoo, what do birds generally symbolize?

General Bird Symbols

Depending on where you live, birds can mean different things. In the States an Eagle generally symbolizes freedom or patriotism. A dove can symbolize peace. Swallows, or love birds, generally go hand in hand with another to show love of another.

But each bird means something different for each person. When you hear the song Freebird play, what bird do you see in your head? My wife has always pictured a great bird, huge, with no particular stand out qualities. Just something flying off into their next adventure. To me, the imagery has always been that of a phoenix rising from the ashes and finding its freedom.

Bird Tattoo Ideas

Look for a bird that has a meaning that is specific to you. I had a friend that loved cardinals more than anything in the world and ensured that it was displayed on his body. It did not mean anything specific to him other than the fact that it was a bird he connected with for some reason.

A bird is like any animal. Certain people find certain connections and can’t shake it. While you can go a traditional route and have a photo realistic bird tattooed, consider something more eclectic. Look at ideas for a tribal tattoo that simply creates the impression of a bird – add colors if the bird is known for that specific color.

You don’t always have to go full body either. A bird eye has plenty of meanings, as seen in some ancient Egyptian works. Just the upper part of an owls head and eyes can be perfect for someone in law enforcement – always on the

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