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If you have a brother or sister, you might have thought at one time to get a Tattoo together. Brother sister tattoo ideas are out there, you just have to find them and decide which tattoo to get. Siblings love each other and getting a tattoo together could be not only an adventure but a way to display your love to each other and to friends and family. Below are a few brother sister tattoo ideas that might help you make that important decision.


Gemini is the Zodiac symbol for twins. Though you may not be a twin, this tattoo can show your bond between each other. The symbol can be tattooed on the back of your hand, arm, chest, or shoulder. Even the feet and legs are a good canvas for this tattoo. When you get the tattoo together, think about how big you want the tattoo to be and what colors you want to have inked. The Gemini may not be your birth sign, but the Gemini tattoo will represent you and your sibling as one.

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