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Learn how to tattoo awesome infinity tattoo idea!

The infinity symbol ? is defined as a geometric design that has no beginning and no end. It encompassed concepts such as the Universe and God. Very few people have claimed that they can understand the concept of infinity, and if they could understand it they would find that it is almost impossible to represent their thoughts in visual or verbal exchanges. It is just a mind blowing concept that many a stoner has discussed, but no one can put the vastness in words. If you are thinking about a Tattoo, you might want to consider the infinity design. Though simple in design, its meaning can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. Below are some infinity tattoo ideas that might help you decide.

Celtic Infinity

The Celtic knot is a design that goes back hundreds of years and originates in the country of Ireland. The Celtic knot is usually used as a border design in the tattoo world and has intricate, rope-like braids that can intertwine to make a tattoo bracelet or border. The infinity tattoo could be made with these Celtic knots and could be tattooed on your wrist or ankle. The design would look symmetrical as it twists back and forth across the skin. Celtic knots are usually dark green but could be colored to the wearer’s taste and style.

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