Types of heart tattoo designs:
Broken Heart Tattoos
This particular design is seen as a reminder of a lost loved one. Or others wear this to represent a broken heart. But the broken heart can also represent a long distance relationship, as a reminder of how sacred that love is.

Black Heart Tattoos
This design represents a very sad day in someone’s life. Such as the loss of a relative or friend, end of a relationship or a memorial after a tragic event. People usually have this design with a name under the heart, angel wings, cross or even flowers. Many people have the black heart tattoo to remember the thousands of lives lost on 9-

Winged Heart Tattoos
Heart tattoos with wings symbolize freedom, and free spirit. People often get this design to symbolize their joyous and free-spirited nature. Or freedom from certain things like additions or bad habits.

Tribal Heart Tattoos
This particular design does not have a symbolic meaning. Usually people choose this design for its great look, or for displaying a personal message. There are thousands of tribal heart designs to choose from, and they work well merging with other tattoos.

Celtic Heart Tattoos
Celtic heart tattoos are a beautiful way to show strength and unity. Usually consist of four different patterns, these are knots, crosses, spirals or step work.

Sacred Heart Tattoos
The sacred heart tattoo is the most symbolic design there is. It has had a long history dating back to the 17th century in France. It is usually surrounded by thorns, an angel, a crown, a pierced sword, or it may be shown burning. This design has been seen for centuries as a catholic symbol, and is dedicated to Jesus Christ. It represents ones faith.

Lock And Heart Tattoos
Lock and heart tattoo have a great positive meaning. As people usually have this design to represent their love for another. Symbolizing that only that person can unlock their heart.

Realistic Heart Tattoos
This particular design is not commonly seen. However they are usually full of color, and are an actual representation of the real human heart. Sometimes it is illustrated being held in a human hand.

Flaming Heart Tattoo
This design represents a strong love and passion. As the flames represent the intense heat of passion, and the burning love.

Dagger Heart Tattoo
The dagger heart tattoo has both a positive and negative meaning. The positive meaning of the dagger heart tattoo represents bravery and courage. And the negative meaning represents grief, sorrow, or long lasting struggle.

Stitched Heart Tattoo
Finally, the stitched heart tattoo represents different meanings. For example, the stitched heart or knitted heart can represent a broken heart that has been healed. Or it can represent a broken heart or lost love.

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