My Tattoo Meanings

Hey, Sloabies!
I simply love tattoos and I am addicted to getting them. Except, I like smaller pieces because they are easier to hide and harder for people to spot. I think “spotting” one is the fun in all of my tattoos. I don’t really talk about it, I guess for awhile I didn’t want to share this part of myself–but here I am for 2016 and sharing this part of my personality. I’ve always been quite alternative, but because Hubs didn’t like them–I stopped getting them for awhile. I do respect my family and their opinions but at the end of the day I have one life to live, one way to express myself and I don’t mind wearing it loud and proud. Well, some more proud than others. This is just who I am. I do urge that if you are under 18, please really think about your choices. You might REALLY regret it. I’m fortunate that I didn’t get any giant ones that I dislike. I like itty bitty cute tattoos because if I ever HAD to laser it off, at least it’s a small one. I mean the semi-colon? That’s like a small zap right? right? ugh…LOL Well if you guys have any tattoos, share it down below! As always, Rock on Sloanies.


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