Nick Jonas Gets New Meaningful Tattoo

Nick Jonas Gets New Meaningful Tattoo :
Nick Jonas revealed his brand new tattoo on his Instagram page — and a whole lotta fans are loving the meaning behind the skinart. Along with a closeup post of Nick’s inner arm design, the musician added these words: “God is greater than the highs and lows” and if you look at the tattoo, you can clearly see this depiction. First the “G” represents god then comes the “greater than” symbol followed by an apex to mean “the highs” and a valley image to rep “the lows” — it’s very thoughtful and a modern design for the statement. At this very moment, the Insta pic has more than 122-thousand likes… which is a higher number for NJ, but only about half of the likes that his shirtless pose photo from last week has earned. This star obviously chooses his permanent statements with though when it comes to getting inked. This new meaningful design joins a cursive “Mercy” tattoo that he got late last year on his forearm. That post said “Mercy Forever” — and it obviously has special spiritual meaning to Nick.

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