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Sleeve Tattoos Ideas:

Looking for the worst ass arm sleeve tattoo? What do you think you are going to do, look up something on the internet and bring it to the tattoo shop? Do you not think EVERYONE has done that? If you really want the best arm sleeve tattoo, the best arm tattoo band, or a little something sweet for your shoulder, you need to do your research.

An arm sleeve tattoo or armband tattoo is a serious commitment. Really, any tattoo should be well thought out, well planned, and most importantly, will execute. Give some thought to your tattoo design. Will your tattoo design hold special significance to you or are you just going for a cool look? Look into your heritage and check the tattoo designs from your ancient culture. Almost every culture has to tattoo in its history. For instance, the extremely popular arm sleeve tribal tattoos are deeply rooted in different cultures.

Tribal tattoos were used in different cultures to separate the members of the tribe. They were used to distinguish between classes or rank within the tribe. Everyone in the tribe had some form of the tattoo. In most cultures, the tattoos were given in a ceremonial way, to celebrate the passage from childhood to adulthood.

It is widely thought that some of the most popular tribal arm sleeve and armband tattoos have their roots in the Polynesian culture. The Samoans, the Maori, and the Hawaiians. The most detailed of these are the Maori. These tattoos are intricate and curvilinear in nature. They are based on the spiral which gives them such powerful movement within the design. The design begins in the center and radiates out, forming beautiful curves that are filled with pattern. The tribal tattoos were carved into the skin and rubbed with ash. Maori tattoos were placed on the face, back, chest, and arms. The more important you were, the more tattooing you had.Modern tattooing is not nearly as painful and time-consuming as getting your skin carved as with the Polynesian Cultures.

The Celtic cultures have also brought many and varied arm sleeve tattoo designs. Intricate knotwork, shields, and crests adorned the ancient Celts. Like the Polynesian culture, the Celts also used arm tattoos and armband tattoos to identify their clan and rank within that clan. The tattoos had to mean as a way of identifying members and also identifying who not to mess with.if you are looking for really colorful and detailed arm sleeve tattoo designs, check out the Asian cultures. The Japanese Culture has been doing full arm sleeves for centuries. They are beautiful and colorful. Most tell a story or have a theme.

If you are going to get a full arm sleeve, take the time to have a good plan. Many people have their arm sleeve tattoos done in sections. Great tattoos are expensive and time-consuming and if your design is very intricate, it may take several sittings to complete it. Do it the right way. Plan the entire arm sleeve tattoo, find a great tattooist, (you will pay for the best) and do it in sections if need be. An arm sleeve tattoo is a very large commitment and a very visible spot, so make sure you get the best tattoo design, the best tattooist, and don’t cheap up! Spend the dough on the design and the artist. You will never regret it.

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