Tattoo Artist and Huge Boobs Girl

Tattoo Artist with Huge Boobs Girl
Many women today who go through a mastectomy can request nipple-sparing surgery, which gives a more natural appearance after reconstruction. Sometimes, however, it’s not recommended, as it leaves some breast tissue behind that may be susceptible to cancer. Women who have large tumors or complicated cancers may not be candidates for nipple-sparing options.
For women who are unable to save their nipples—or who are just tired of surgery and don’t want to face reconstruction—there is another option for real-looking breasts: nipple tattoos. Some tattoo artists are gaining reputations for creating real-looking nipples that fool even doctors. According to recent news articles, these tattoos can help women regain their confidence and feel better about the appearance of their breasts.
Lillie Shockney, for instance, a nurse at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Breast Center, went to see tattoo artist Vinnie Myers after she saw his work on one of her patients. When he finished with her tattoo, “he turned my chair so I could see what I looked like in the mirror, and I burst into tears because they truly look real,” she told the NY Daily News.
Tattoo Artist with Huge Boobs Girl
A woman who offers nipple tattoos for women who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery has seen demand soar.
Cosmetic tattoo artist Claire Louise Willis, based in Weymouth, advertised her free monthly surgery online and has been inundated with bookings.
She is now urging fellow practitioners to train in the technique and begin offering the service themselves.

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